Friday, September 19, 2008

Week three

Its week three back to school and so far things are looking up. I only have classes Mondays and Thursdays, although they are both pretty long days. On Monday I have a documentary film class which is pretty interesting but I have mixed feelings watching some of the films, I mean I understand why my professor chose them specifically but the content still makes me a bit uncomfortable. All I know now is that I can never eat pork, not that I was a fan of it in the first pace but after watching one slaughtered for the sole purpose of photographing and documenting a backwoods home country barbecue, I think I'm a bit turned off by it. I think that I will learn alot from this class and I hope we get to watch more modern films. At 4pm I have my second class, sequential arts. I didn't realize how much goes into making them. Its so much more then just a narrative illustration. There is a lot of designing involved. That seems to be the theme for me this semester nature and design. For my first assignment I had to show something falling to the ground. I was really surprised at how everyone in the class responded to the subject, its interesting to see everybody's different take on it.

As soon as I scan it in I will post my assignment up. It still needs some touching up in PS but that shouldn't take long.

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