Monday, August 25, 2008

First gig?

Ok so all summer long I've been working at a gym near my house, when I was just chit chatting with a member who tell's me I'll see you later, I stopped him and said probably not because it was my last day working there before classes started up again and I will have to start finding an internship or something. He asked which school I went to and after telling him MICA, an art school in baltimore his eyes practically popped out of his head. He asked if i was an artist, I told him illustrator and that i was still in school for it. and after that he was pretty much speechless until his friend forced him to speak up. "I'm an author looking for and illustrator!" and i said wow im an illustrator looking for an author! I was friendly but skeptical since most people i randomly bump into about art gigs, usually turn out to either want me to do something for free or end up just not being reliable or even really needed work to be done. So i didn't take anything too seriously. That was until he ran back to his car and handed me a few of his business cards and I gave him a post-it note with my shotty yahoo address and later that night he went on to explain how he has been writting a couple of kids novels and needed cover art to be done.
The next day he drops off an artists packett with details of what he's looking for and an unedited version of his first chapter so that I can get a feel of what the book is like.

So im hoping things work out, it isn't my first published book but hopefully it will be my first successful and paid job.


芈月 said...



I saw your performance in China.

Illustrator Angie said...

Oh that's neat. Sometimes I forget that the internet is such a big place XD