Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Making of the Silent Hill nurse: The Mask!

So at this point in time I have already pretty much finished up my dress, now it is time to work on the mask. I've never done anything like this before so I've already messed up the first try. I was going to attempt to make some sort of caged support for the head, but they ended up just rough and jagged looking. For my second and so far successful attempt I purchased some Balloons, Cheese cloth and some plaster strips.

I blew up the Balloon and taped it to a bowl for support while I worked to keep the Balloon Stable. Next I wrapped the balloon with cheese cloth and secured it with a rubber band. Using the Plaster roll which is basically just plaster on a cloth like material that you can wet to actvate, I started layering the balloon keeping open spaces around where I figured my mouth and eye would be. I let the strips dry over night and then deflated the balloon, This was the result.

Now the shape of this is way too round but luckily when I tie the excess chescloth together in the back it shapes the mask to more of a face shape that I like.

I still need to add more layers of plaster to build up the Gorey eye sockets and grunge it all up a bit, I will reshape the eyes and mouth and cut away more so I can drink through it. I will also put a dark cloth or something on the inside so my face isn't in direct contact with plaster all night wich I am hoping will also make it more comfortable. It is super lightweight and I'm thrilled about how it is coming out!

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