Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well sorry i haven't been around since graduation, but that's to be expected I guess. Just wanted to do a quick update. I graduated mica in may, and the Monday after I started my new job... And now I'm working on my Halloween costume!

So, I decided to go as my character from Fallout 3, So far I have like 85% of my dress made, 96% of my gun finished, and like 10% of my pipboy completed.... I need to get crack'n.
Checks it out

Took a toy gun from the toy store and sprayed it black, then "aged" it with green, brown and silver metalic acrylic paint. I took some putty and covered the logo on one side and to the other added a gauge made from sculpy to look more like the laser pistol. It still needs to be painted to match the rest. I'm considering modifying another gun to look somewhat like the combat shotgun. But we'll see how much time I have after everthings finished.

Next we have the PipBoy 3000:

Started out with this bendable wire mesh stuff called gutter guard. I molded it to fit my forearm. Then with the excess I formed a holder for my cellphone.

Then I duct taped that biotch. Fuck those pre-made clock thingies My shits Legit!

Next comes the Dress from HELL.
Named so after the nightmarish hell making a fucking dress is when you have NO IDEA how to make a fucking dress.

First came the idea to make a temporary sewing dress form from duct tape and an old t-shirt. However it turns out that it was a horrible idea to make one of these things when you're all by yourself!

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