Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Angry Blue

So for an assignment in Thesis we have to get in contact with a "real" artist that we admire and give them an interview so that we can write a paper. I admit I have been procrastinating with this assignment but its mostly due to sheer terror rather then laziness. After 3 failed attempts at trying to send out my emails, I bailed out last minute everytime from the nerves, I finaly bit my tounge and clicked on the send button at the bottom of the email.

and to my surprise the very next day I recieved an email back from the guy and he was more then willing to answer my questions, I was super excited! I was afraid that he wouldn't answer me back. A few of my class mates claimed they had that problem and they have been emailing their artists since febuary! Reading that email made me fall in love with this guys art even more, because I know the "fame" didn't go to his head and he is a pretty chill guy.

Love it!

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