Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I'm in a new class, illustrating the edible. It seems really great so far...even though i have to keep a food diary of sorts and draw what i eat every day XD I hate that part but at least it helps me be more aware of the crap I eat everyday, which is forcing me to go to the gym every weekday night. I've only been in the class for a few weeks now and I'm already more motivated to do more then the necessary work, for my own pleasure. It doesnt surprise me that I'm motivated by food, I love to eat! The class is also making me want to learn to cook food on my own now and so far I came up with this turkey spinah wrap which is to die for. I never had a wrap before in my life other then a burrito and I am now inlove with them! So now I'm gonna just keep posting the food stuffs that im just doodling around with for fun!

The one above is for the taco blog, my restaurant was Nacho Mama's 

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