Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Illustrating the Edible

Holy crap I just had a critique and it went REALLY well. This NEVER happens people! I think it has been one of my first good critiques in my entire time at MICA...well not really but it has been a while since I had one I could be proud of. I was shocked and my day is going surprisingly well despite my headache!

The class is illustrating the edible. I love it! Its so much fun I recommend taking it if you go to MICA. Two weeks ago we had an alaskan fisherman come in, Gaylord Clark (i think thats his name) and he gave a demonstration on how to scale a fish and shuck an oyster. He was very imformative and as borring as the topic may seem it was actually pretty entertaining. For me at least. And the best part was we got to eat oysters in class! Ok so only 4 of us actually ate them but they were great! If oysters tasted that great the first time i tried them I wouldn't have held off them for so many years, I'm glad I tried them again I was pleasantly surprised.

The assignment was to make instructions on how to either scale a salmon or shuck and oyster. I chose the osyter!

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